Whether you have attended for 20+ years, 1 year or if this will be your first, please join us for our milestone 100th celebration.

Watch the world’s finest steeplechase races, reconnect with family and friends, support worthy charitable causes and make memories that last a lifetime.

Ahead of the big day, we want to hear your most memorable race day moments and share any photos that you may have from over the years.

Email us at office@farhillsrace.org to share your favorite race day moments, memories, and photos and we will share your comments as we walk (not race) down memory lane!
“Our family grew up attending the races! A special moment was in 2001, just weeks after 9/11, was the singing The Star-Spangled Banner. Everyone sang it and the last line “…the land of the free and home of the brave” plus the clouds cheers afterwards, was truly memorable!”

– Dallas H

“We started our attendance 48 years ago and have passed the event from our parents to our children. This has been a wonderful event for everyone who attends with us over the years. Family and friends always attend our spot for this event”

– Frank D

“I love that I came here as a child with my family, and now my children are on the field with us”

– Anthony M

“I remember watching John John Kennedy race in the pony races when we both were kids”

– Mimi C

“A great celebration of family and friends on the greatest day in Somerset Hills”

– Victor A

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