Welcome to the 101st Running of the Far Hills Race Meeting! We are excited for you to join us.

Before arriving at the event, please take a few moments to carefully review the Tailgate Policies, Race Day FAQs, and Expected Behavior information contained on this page. Failure to comply with these rules will result in removal from the event.



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  • The aisle between rows MUST remain clear for emergency safety
  • Tailgate spaces are on Hilltop and Infield are 10’wide x 20’ deep and accommodate up to 15 guests & one standard size vehicle. Vehicles can be no larger than a mini-van, SUV or standard–sized pickup
  • Color coded ticket must be shown prior to entrance onto Moorland Farm
  • By order of the Borough of Far Hills Fire Official; NO charcoal grills, propane grills, deep-fat fryers, open flames or ovens and NO generators permitted in all Reserved Parking areas
  • There are no tents, commercial or political flags/signage permitted in Reserve Parking spaces
  • Only registered Caterers are allowed on the property on race day. They must be out of the Reserved Parking areas by 9AM
  • Rental companies must be registered in advance and all deliveries need to be made on 10/14 or 10/15. There will be no access to the property on race day
  • All attendees are responsible for keeping their space clean. Please keep all trash bagged
  • All spectators must be off the grounds by 6PM on Race Day
  • Amplified music is prohibited
  • Hay bales can be ordered online up until 10/06/21. There is a 4-bale minimum. Bales are (36”x16”x19”) and $20 each. No outside hay permitted
  • Personal tailgating porta-pottys are not permitted
  • No tailgating allowing in bus parking area and general parking area
  • All space holders must be 21+ years of age


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  • Gates open at 8:00 am. Post time for first race is 1:00pm
  • Last race posts approximately 4:30 pm
  • Races will run rain or shine
  • Attendees are NOT permitted to bring any alcohol through the pedestrian gates
  • All admission tickets are electronically scanned as you enter the grounds
  • Pets are not permitted on the grounds
  • Everyone 14 and over entering Moorland Farm must have an admission ticket
  • Children under 14 are admitted free and must be accompanied by an adult
  • No refunds for lost or forgotten tickets
  • Admission tickets are sold race day at the gates for $220
  • Port-a-johns are located throughout the property
  • There are medical tents on property for emergencies and medical services
  • PA announcements will NOT be made to locate lost friends; if a real emergency, please contact the nearest police officer
  • Lost and Found items should be turned into the Race Office along von Stade Way. All items are given to Far Hills Police Department and can be picked up the week after the races. The FHPD phone is (908) 234 – 1192
  • All attendees are responsible for cleaning up their space
  • Vehicles are permitted to remain overnight on Moorland Farm but MUST BE PICKED UP by 12:00 pm on Sunday


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  • Shuttles will transport guests from Handicapped Parking to where they want to go on the property. In the afternoon, the shuttles will run back to parking lots from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm.  The shuttles will periodically make rounds throughout the day
  • Rideshare/Car service/Limo pickups will be directed to pick-up guests inside GATE 3. Located at the corner of RT 202 and Liberty Corner Road
  • Buses that will be staying throughout the day enter Moorland Farm at GATE 2 or GATE 3 and are parked in the bus lots. Attendees who arrived by bus will meet their bus at the end of the day in the same spot where they disembarked their bus


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  • Hay bales needed to be ordered in advance (by October 5, 2022) and are NOT available for purchase on race day
  • HOWEVER – if someone has paid for hay and it was not delivered, or was stolen, volunteers are available on the side of the west hilltop and in the Infield to assist Reserved Parkers who are missing hay. Delivery is NOT available. Volunteers will determine who gets hay
  • On race day hay is NOT for sale and not for the taking
  • Anyone stealing haybales that have not been pre-purchased from the Far Hills Race Meeting Association will be removed from the property
  • No haybales shall be bought onto the property on race day
  • To order your hay bales, please click here


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  • The Far Hills Race Meeting Association does not condone or tolerate underage drinking. Guests caught drinking under the legal age will be escorted off the premises immediately and face permanent expulsion from future events
  • Visibly intoxicated attendees will be denied entrance to the event
  • Only reserved parking spot holders, corporate tent holders and registered caterers are permitted to bring alcohol on the property for their private parties
  • Spectators are subject to search at pedestrian gates
  • Heavy alcohol consumption will not be tolerated
  • No ice luges or blocks of ice permitted
  • No tailgating or alcohol consumption is permitted in General Parking areas or bus lots
  • Unregistered deliveries of alcohol to the race grounds are prohibited
  • No patrons are permitted on race course
  • No pets allowed on the property with exception of service dogs
  • All space holders must be 21+ years of age
  • All spectators must be off the grounds by 6:00 pm
  • Tents are not permitted in tailgate spaces as they obstruct views of officials and emergency management
  • Amplified music is prohibited
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